FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

The GRAFIS FAQ already contains answers to many questions. If you don't find an answer to your question there, please have a look at our online help.

FAQ Sales

Can I buy GRAFIS CAD 23?

GRAFIS CAD 23 is offered exclusively for rent with a term of three months or one year.

For customers with permanent licenses of version 12 there is the possibility to change to the license model MietePlus2+3 with a total term of 5 years. After expiration of the 5 years, a change to the rental with a term of one year will also be made for these customers.

Why do you no longer offer permanent licenses?

Our product GRAFIS CAD 23 has become very complex and requires constant maintenance and care. This is the only way we can adapt it to the constantly changing conditions. However, this is only possible with regular income. Our previous income through add-ons and service contracts is not sufficient for this.

This decision was not easy for us, but there will be no permanent licenses for GRAFIS CAD 23. With an annual rent of 1,100 Euro net, it is less than 100 Euro net per month for the heart of your production.

What if someday the company GRAFIS-Software should not exist anymore?

The company GRAFIS-Software has been around for many years and with the current changes in the sales concept we are very well prepared for the coming years. You as our customers can always rely on the fact that we will always keep the permanent availability of our product in mind and provide acceptable solutions for all future challenges.

What is the difference between rent and loan?

During a rental period, you receive all new and further developments of the product. After the rental period, you can continue to use the product as a free loan and continue to have unrestricted access to your styles. However, updates to the product will no longer take place during this period.

Can I first test GRAFIS for free to see if it is something for me?

In order to get a first insight and to try out all possibilities and functions of the system for free, we offer our customers a training version.

I have a permanent license, but I don't want to lose it by upgrading to GRAFIS 23. What can I do?

You are welcome to rent a new additional license GRAFIS CAD 23 for one year. Your permanent license of the previous version remains active unchanged. Please note, however, that version 11 is already no longer supported. The support for version 12 runs until 2026 and will also expire after that.

Is it possible that I can keep version 12 and the new version 23 in parallel?

On a local dongle, version 12 and the new version 23 can be switched on simultaneously with the same switch-off date. This applies at least until the end of support for version 12. If a network dongle is used, we check this in individual cases.

During the installation you have to make sure that you do not upgrade GRAFIS 23 but a new installation under Programs or another drive.

Does my dongle need to be replaced for the upgrade to GRAFIS 23?

Dongles of the newer type can be converted. If the dongle is of the old type, it must be replaced.

What payment options does GRAFIS offer? Is it also possible to pay in installments or via PayPal?

A GRAFIS license is only available against prepayment via bank transfer. We do not offer the possibility to pay in installments or via PayPal.

Are there funding opportunities?

Unfortunately, we cannot make any binding statements regarding the various funding programs. Please contact the individual providers directly for the required information and prerequisites.

FAQ Training

For which version do you offer training? How much does the training cost and how does it work?

GRAFIS Academy offers basic and upgrade training courses for GRAFIS CAD23. These are OnDemand trainings.

Our company still has a GRAFIS V12 or older in use and we now need training for our new employees. What can we do?

Training for previous versions may still be available from sales partners or freelancers.

What requirements do I need for the training?

Prerequisites for the training are basic knowledge in the use of computers. Even more important, however, is a good knowledge of garment construction.

Will I be provided with a license for the period of the training?

In any case, you can use the free training version for the duration of the training. Whether a license can be provided during the complete training will be checked on a case-by-case basis.

FAQ Programm

Can you work with GRAFIS on a Mac?

If you are using a Mac with Intel CPU, it is possible to install Windows (via bootcamp) on which you can use GRAFIS. GRAFIS can be used without problems on a Windows system installed within a virtual machine (such as VMware or Parallels).

- Parallels must be installed on the M1/2/3-Mac (at least V16.5).
- In Parallels Windows 11 for ARM must be installed.
- On this Windows the current version of the dongle driver must be installed with the Command-Line-Installer.
- The GRAFIS dongle must be a model of the last generation (driverless).

The start-up process takes a little longer on a Mac.

Is GRAFIS also available for Linux?

GRAFIS is available for Windows only (Windows 10/11).
GRAFIS can be used without problems on a Windows system installed within a virtual machine (such as VMware or Parallels).
The installation of GRAFIS in a Windows emulation is not recommended, as GRAFIS would run very slowly and problems with dongle recognition occur frequently.

Does GRAFIS requires a special 3D graphic interface? Does GRAFIS need GRAFIS OpenGL or a current DirectX version?

No. GRAFIS has no special demands on the hardware (neither the CPU nor the graphics). Here you will find a list with the hardware requirements or a recommendation for optimal use under industrial conditions.

Which types of Dongle HASP HL (Sentinel LDK, Sentinel HASP, HASP SRM) are available?

HASP HL is available as USB dongle only. For network licences there is also a server module for USB port as well.

Which data formates are available to exchange data with other CAD systems?

The most important data formats for exchange of graded patterns to other CAD systems are AAMA and ASTM (mostly called "AAMA/DXF" and "ASTM/DXF"). They are based on the DXF file format stated out as a standard format and widely used to exchange drawings among CAD programs.

AAMA is supported since years from different CAD systems for pattern making. ASTM, stated out in 2001 as a new release of AAMA, is more and more supported from CAD systems. But often the module to export and import data is not included in the standard software package and must be bought separately. With these CAD systems the AAMA/DXF and ASTM/DXF data exchange can be used:

  • Gerber
  • Lectra
  • Investronica (no information about ASTM)
  • Assyst
  • PAD

There are some more small CAD systems that also support AAMA.

ASTM and AAMA files have the extension ".DXF" and there is sometimes an additional file with extension ".RUL" (for the grading rules).

Additional to AAMA and ASTM GRAFIS offers the possibility to export pieces directly into a Gerber Accumark storage area or to import data from there. Since GRAFIS Version 10 the Gerber file exchange format (ixchange) can also be written. A typical extension for that is ".TMP".

GRAFIS can import simple drawings also via HPGL (plot file) or ISO (cutter file) or as simple DXF.

Simple DXF can also be exported, HPGL (plot files) can be created via plot function (plot to file).

How to move GRAFIS to a new PC quickly and easily?

In normal installation mode (programs folder) applies:

more details follow

In Classic mode applies:

Moving GRAFIS to a new PC can be done quite uncomplicated while keeping almost all settings. You only need a bigger data medium (e.g. USB flash drive, external hard disk, network storage).

First, the complete folder C:\GRAFIS is copied from the old system to the external data medium (or to the network storage). Then, on the new system, copy the just backed up GRAFIS folder back to C:\, so that the old data appears there again under C:\GRAFIS.

If it is a relatively current GRAFIS version, start the application "HASPUserSetup.exe" from the folder C:\GRAFIS\HELPEN for the installation of the dongle drivers. If this file is too old (e.g. older than approx. 2 years) it is recommended to download and install the current GRAFIS dongle drivers.

Finally the following steps are necessary:

  • Create the desktop icons for Grafis.exe and GrafisSB.exe
  • Execution of the program SETPUSER.EXE from C:\GRAFIS\HELPEN, therein adjustment of the screen (1st index card) and adjustment of the data drives (2nd index card).
  • New setup of the plotters
How to uninstall GRAFIS?

In normal installation mode (programs folder) applies:

more details follow

In Classic mode applies:

Since GRAFIS does not interfere with the Windows system folders, no special uninstall program is needed (Uninstall). To remove GRAFIS simply delete the folder C:\GRAFIS, as well as the start icons on the desktop and the entry "GRAFIS" in the start menu. Please note that the GRAFIS folder also contains user data. Therefore the deletion should only be done if this data has been backed up or moved to another location before. If you do not use any other programs with dongle except GRAFIS, you can uninstall the entry "Sentinel Runtime" in the Control Panel - Programs & Features (this step is omitted for the training version).

What is a c2v file and how can I create it?

GRAFIS CAD may only be used with a dongle on which the scope of use of GRAFIS CAD in terms of content and time is stored. For a license extension or renewal the GRAFIS team may need a deduction from the content of the dongle. When reading out the dongle a c2v file is generated, which you then send by mail to your GRAFIS sales partner or the GRAFIS Team or. Instructions for reading out the dongle can be found here.

What can I do if the menu buttons (version12) are too big?

1. Set the button size for right menu bar in GRAFIS setup to 'mini' (GRAFIS restart necessary!).
2. Check your display resolution and set the size of texts and apps in the Windows settings to 100%.

If 1 and 2 do not lead to success, you can do the following:

3. Automatically hide taskbar via windows settings or use small taskbar buttons.
4. Hide status bar in GRAFIS via the  menu 'View'.

This list does not contain my problem. What should I do?

If you did not buy Grafis directly from us, then first please contact your Grafis agent.
In all other cases you can contact us by support request.

I have some ideas how to improve Grafis in certain functions. Who should I get in contact with?

Please collect your ideas and use official Grafis meetings to get in contact with us. Such meetings are for instance fairs or GRAFIS user meetings (GRAFIS forum). If you can not join these meetings then please send your information by email.