Online-Installationspaket for VS-customers

Online provision of GRAFIS installation

To receive the download package of your GRAFIS follow these steps:

1. Download and run our download tool via this link:

2. On Windows 10 there might come up a warning message when you run it. It tells about "unknown author". You need to click "More information" and then you can select "Run anyway".

3. On the first page of the download tool please enter your license number (to be found as sticker on the dongle, inside the CD case or on the invoice) and select the basic language (English). Below that you may also change the target folder for this download tool.

4. On the next page you choose the installation package Update (of existing V12.00) and the additional packages Avatar-Control for VStitcher 2022 and VStitcher-Plugin 2022.

5. After that all neccessary files will be downloaded and extracted. On the last page of the download tool you can run the GRAFIS installation process.

Click on VStitcher Plugin 2022 to install the Plugin and on Install GRAFIS now.