Known issues

Known problems in versions 11 & 12 and their solutions

This page is dedicated to problems and issues within the GRAFIS application, especially regarding basic blocks and Setup. Help for general problems and questions about GRAFIS can be found here:

New release of GRAFIS CAD Version 12

In the past few weeks we have made some improvements to GRAFIS CAD Version 12.

  • The preview in the part organization is now graded again, as earlier in GRAFIS version 11. In addition a suitable preview is displayed even if the base size is hidden or missing.
  • The visibility during opening new parts has been revised.
  • There are improvements and corrections in the part organization, e.g. during display, contour inspection, part parameters and when moving parts quickly.
  • Triple switch in the parallel menu for symbol handling: duplicate / move / leave.
  • Adjustments and corrections in the parts assistant, i.e. behavior if grainline symbol is missing, tooltips added and the handling with seam allowance "zero".
  • Internal correction with degenerated measures.
  • Improvements and corrections in the stitching dialog: handling of attachments and hidden parts, error display in case of failed contour check.
  • Pixel images are not lost anymore while saving part modules.
  • Background images can be repeated over the entire area without specifying reports as well as with "background with transparency".
  • In marker making the parts can now also be moved up and down in the part organization. However this is possible for production styles only, but not for already placed markers.
  • The display error with step lays is solved.
  • Correction for symmetric parts: mirroring when updating, texts and annotations on parts with symmetry line are always to be seen in the visible area.
  • Additional display value in the preview to a marker (number of placed parts).

The new release is available now and can be installed via online update.


Via the link:
you can start our online update program. After selecting the language and entering your license number (see dongle or CD case) you must select the update package “Update for existing GRAFIS V12.00”. Then all necessary files are downloaded and extracted and the GRAFIS update installation program is started.

If your computer has no internet connection you may also start this online update on any other computer until the download and extraction process is finished. The update installation program must be shut down. Now you can copy the folder "GRAFIS-Update" from "My Data" to any storage media (CD or USB memory stick), go to your GRAFIS computer and start the program INSTUSR.EXE from "GRAFIS-Update" with a double click via explorer.

The update-program needs Java.

Note to teachers and Students: if your styles shall run on other installations (such as practice rooms or teachers / students), please clarify beforehand whether the new release has also been installed there. If not, you should not run the installation until the release has been installed there.

(May 2018)

Problems with printing after Windows update

Multiple customers have reported problems with printing in GRAFIS after updating Windows. Windows Versions 7,8 and 10 are affected.

When printing the first 1-2 images everything seems to normal but after the third image the error "System-Fehler 0122", or "Plotter nicht bereit" (0048) when using a HP/GL-plotter appears.

The cause of this error is Windows update KB3177725 in Windows 7,8 and 8.1, or KB3176493 for Windows 10. According to Microsoft, GRAFIS isn't the only software affected by this:

To fix this you have to install the newest version of GRAFIS, 11.00 Release 52. For version 10.02 there's the new Release 24.

If you require a quicker solution or use an older version of GRAFIS you can also delete the mentioned Windows update in the computer's system settings.

(August 2016)