With these videos we want to support you in structuring your work with GRAFIS and making it more efficient. In addition to the basic functions, more complex relationships and style structures are shown.

Feel free to contact us if you have any topic suggestions. info@grafis.de 

Revers transformation of multiple transformations

You have done more than one transformation in one part and want to transform more elements or revers the transformation? This video shows how it's done.

Overall with co-ordinated dart

When constructing an overall with waist dart it is desirable to co-ordinate bodice and trouser darts. We show you how to adjust position and intent.

Exchangeable parts for the marker

The cutting parts of a style can vary from size to size. You have the possibility to see the cutting parts in the marker only in the relevant sizes.

Pinching in mother part

If certain measures are taken, it is possible to separate and link lines even in a mother part. We demonstrate such an exceptional situation by using the pinch tool.

This tutorial is especially recommended for advanced users.

Hide lines

If two or more lines are on top of one another it sometimes is difficult to pick the right one. In such a case you can simply hide one line. We show you how to do this with the example of a newly created hem line.


Saving individual size table in styles

You want to send styles with an individual size table to another GRAFIS user? We show you how to save the table directly in the style.

Raglan sleeve construction

For the construction of sleeves 50 and 60 some preparations are necessary. In constrast to the other sleeves they are not bind to the separated Armhole.
You need a continuous line at armhole and shoulder.

Relocate Darts

To relocate darts GRAFIS offers different options.
This video shows how to do it by transformation and which steps need to be taken in advance.

What do I need the co-ordinated angle corner for?

The co-ordinated angle corner 70 is a helpful tool to match two corners.
This video shows the correct use and the difference to angle corner 60.